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Garrett Leaver, Professional Musician

Music Educator

Garrett's Bio:

I have been a professional musician for 35 years, leading Jazz Ensembles, Quartets, Trios, Duos and Piano Solo in the Ottawa area. Venues often played are the NAC, Rideau Club, Chateau Laurier, Westin, Royal Ottawa Golf Club, National Gallery of Canada, Wakefield Mill Inn & Spa ( house pianist for 6 years ). 

In addition I have been a music educator, teaching at the university,

college  and high school levels as well as private one on one instruction for the past 35 years.


I am trained at a University Music Honours level with a focus in composition and studied with national level jazz players. 


Teaching Approach:


I have learned a lot about 'learning' over the many years of teaching. The best system of learning is your own personal way of learning. I call it natural learning. I just tap into that process, guiding and facilltating that method that serves you best, instead of forcing you into my conceptualization or some generic teaching method.



Playing Jazz:


I choose to perform Jazz music, because it requires a real time

experience of personal expression: nothing else is really believable to the listener or player. It also demands a process of transformation. What transforms ? The song itself, making new songs from old songs, the listener, the performer, perhaps the process of improvisation itself. Why improvisation ? Because it puts me in the place of being entirely present and in the moment. It is indeed both extremely challenging and very fullfilling at the same time.




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