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Natural Learning - what you have done all your life

You already know the best " system " of learning. It is none other than your own personal approach that you have used through out your life to learn what is now acquired knowledge for you. You would not have gotten this far in your life with out this ability.  Because we are all different individuals, we all have our own way of actually taking in new information and skills and making them our own experince. Some people go at it intuitively, others conecptually, still others by watching / hearing / imitation and so on. In eastern belief system , there are 84,000 different ways to the goal. Why ?  Because there are at least 84,000 different mind types and one of them is the best one for you.


As I get to know you, I just tap into your personal way of learning and use that to guide and support you in your own process. So in fact a lot of learning goes on as opposed to a lot of  " teaching ". 

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